Photo Individual initiatives for universal peace
19.11 2019

Individual initiatives for universal peace

Universal peace

At present, peace is the priority of humanity, especially given the situation of international geopolitics. Many actions have already been organized and carried out to achieve peace. But most of these actions were led by international organizations and communities. Yet individual initiatives are also noticed to be successful to reach peace.

Prem Rawat sends messages of peace to promote the maintaining of that ideal in the world.

Here are some individual initiatives aiming at universal peace

Nelson Mandela and the end of apartheid

One could certainly say that the end of apartheid was an action of the South African government. That may be right, but the leader remains the President at the time: Nelson Mandela. For this reason, he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his bravery and perseverance. Racism and contempt between white man and man of color reached a high level in South Africa and broke so many spirits by making a category of people think worthless.

It was at this moment that Nelson Mandela mobilized to put an end to the situation. He was jailed for his activism against racial discrimination, but instead of bringing him down, his stay in Robben Island made him stronger with his conviction. He was the first black man to gain power and it was at his time that the election involved all people, black and white alike.

One of the ambassadors of peace and his humanitarian actions around the world

Along with spreading messages of peace around the world, Prem Rawat has also created a foundation bearing its name (TPRF) to carry out humanitarian actions. The FFP or Food for People program was launched in 2006 to help people who suffer from malnutrition and undernutrition. In addition, there was also the PEP or the Peace Education Program. It is an initiative that allowed participants to discover their inner resources. The foundation also funds NGOs and projects to promote universal peace.

Gandhi and his good faith

It is not possible to speak about peace and forget of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest figures who defended that worthy cause. That great man has always shown a good example in the way of living in society. He was also a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his non-violent approach and his faith in peace. He showed that using force is never beneficial for anyone.

It is with the same intentions that Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King have adopted the principle of fighting for equality and universal peace. His quotes and principles on peace have influenced many people on earth. He praised non-violence but his life was taken away by the violence of a bullet. However, the seed that he had sown continues to bear fruit today.

Mother Teresa and her charities

Missionary of the Catholic Church for the city of Calcutta, Mother Teresa has always insisted on the fact that everyone is on an equal footing as a human being. In addition, love is always more important than anything else, and you have to prove it through your deeds. For her part, Mother Teresa has always performed acts of charity to help poor children in Calcutta.

She even went out of her way to make sure these kids had a comfortable life. Her devotion for others has inspired many people around the world to do the same things. She was the very embodiment of genuine altruism.