Is peace in the world out of reach?

Is peace in the world out of reach?

War has always existed, even in the time of the Old Testament. Although the various nations know all the disasters a war will bring about economic, human and material losses; some are so proud to make a concession while others are so single-minded and want to be right even for an unimportant issue.

Then wars break out. In front of all these desperate situations, one can't help wondering if peace in the world is out of reach.

What is peace?

Peace reigns when individuals in society get along with one another. Peace does not necessarily mean the absence of conflict, but the resolution of conflicts through dialogue and non-violence. Conflicts can always happen because each man is different in every dimension. Divergence of ideas, jealousy, mistrust, feelings of inferiority, fear of others and lust are part of the game called life and are all sources of conflict.

However, they can be solved without war if each party is willing to. War exists when there is no peace: be it a direct or a cold one. Indeed, there is war when the parties live without understanding and compromise. Nevertheless, war leads to death, instability, threat, hunger, terror, desolation. That is what life is like when peace is absent.

Is peace possible in the world?

This question is rather difficult to answer, as it is difficult to pin down the man. The latter may desire peace because he knows what a war can cause. But he is ready to fight, even to lose his life and to make as many victims to have peace. The war seems inevitable. Thus, according to Iwan Bloch, there were only 227 years of peace, yet 3130 years of war for 3357 years, that is between 1496 BC and 1861.

Moreover, all historians agree that in the history of man, the twentieth century was the bloodiest and the most marked by wars and conflicts but also genocide. The twenty-first century is marked by clashes between several countries in the world.

We must not forget the different forms of crime, domestic violence, and other gratuitous and vile acts that have made the headline of the world media, and have left atrocious memories. Is it naïve to believe that peace can once again definitely reign in the world. Many would say that peace in the world is impossible, that it is only a utopia. Others, however, continue to hope and do their utmost to contribute to peace.

What are means used for peace?

The United Nations has been set up to maintain peace and promote international security. It now has 193 member states. However, they are not the only ones who work for peace, fortunately. There are also initiatives from individuals, associations and foundations. They provide training and organize exchanges to raise everyone's awareness on the importance of peace. Others have designed programs to meet the basic needs of man.

This is the case, for example, of the Prem Rawat Foundation, which was created by Prem Rawat, a man who has dedicated his life to bringing messages of peace to the world.